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On behalf of the Partners and my colleagues, it is my pleasure to welcome you to Renaissance Practice – a law firm with young, dynamic and cerebral lawyers who possess the requisite skills and motivation to provide bespoke and sterling legal services to your satisfaction.

Our lawyers are experts in their respective fields with robust experience garnered in the course of their practice, having supervised and closed several high-value deals. Furthermore, we are thoroughly up to date on all current developments within our areas of practice, and we constantly drive and initiate public discourse on critical legal issues through well researched articles in these regard.

With our client-centric approach to service delivery, we are prepared to go the extra-mile for our clients without any added costs, as we value above anything else our clients’ satisfaction by exceeding their expectations. We also pride ourselves as been timely and detailed in our responses to our clients’ by ensuring that we give a comprehensive, practical, and exhaustive advice to our clients on all issues we are consulted on.

The above surmises who we are, and we are confident in exceeding your expectations as well, welcome!

Olayinka Alao
Managing Partner

Olayinka Alao PARTN

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We believe in innovations and use modern approaches to your employment challenges.


We always search for ways to improve our work and make it more productive and efficient.


Our team consists of experts and well-trained professionals to provide services of the highest quality.

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We act strictly within the law and stay on top of workforce regulations to provide safe services for your business.


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