Real Estate

Real Estate

We are deeply entrenched in the entire value chain of the real estate sector, and our expertise covers conveyance, leases, and sales of real assets. We also advise on the financing of real estate projects, as well as other real estate investment schemes and funds for the development of commercial, retail and residential real estate projects.

Our lawyers are also highly skilled at drafting and negotiating real estate contracts and other conveyance instruments, conduct of due diligence including searches at the respective land registries, perfection of titles, regulatory interface and ensuring compliance with relevant applicable laws. The team also collaborates with our dispute resolution team whenever there is a dispute over title involving our client with a view to protecting the interests of our clients.

We render sterling legal services to our clients who are into domestic construction and engineering projects such as commercial offices, corporate and bank headquarters, shopping centers, major international energy and infrastructure projects amongst others.

Our team is proficient in all aspects of real estate conveyance transactions such as assignment, leases, mortgages amongst others. We constantly proffer timely solutions to the issues encountered by our clients in the entire spectrum of real estate conveyance transactions.

We have notable experience in advising clients on various real estate development and planning matters covering residential premises, commercial buildings, hotel, resort and leisure facilities. We also keep our clients abreast of recent developments in the sector as well as investment opportunities open to them.

We advise key players in the sector on various financing options available to them, and we leverage on our vast experience in the banking and finance practice to serving the interests of our clients. We also advise investors such as investment banks, specialist real estate lenders, borrowers, funds on the viability of their investment decisions.

We help our clients structure sophisticated real estate schemes such as REITs in the most practical and tax-effective ways possible. Our lawyers are also well acquainted with the various considerations involved in structuring real estate schemes and readily deploy this expertise in proffering innovative solutions to our clients’ matters.

At renaissance Practice, we assist our clients perfect their interests in real assets. To this end, we undertake securing Governor’s consent, registration and stamping of conveyance instruments in compliance with extant legal and regulatory requirements. We also help clients regularize their title through ratification in the event that their property is subject to Government acquisition or other similar encumbrances.