Renaissance Practice Partners

Olayinka Alao
Position: Managing Partner
Tel: +2347087029904
Email: o.alao@renaissancepractice.com

Ayojide Ajibade
Position: Partner
Tel: +2347038210704
Email: a.ajibade@renaissancepractice.com

Nehemiah Ochenjele
Position: Partner
Tel: +2348118018300
Email: n.ochenjele@renaissancepractice.com


We strive for excellence by ensuring that we never compromise quality and standards in our service delivery to clients. We also demonstrate ethical, honest, transparent, accountable and confidential qualities to our clients at all times.


We are detailed and dialectical in our approach to clients’ briefs and inquiries. We also go above the ordinary calls of duty within the ambit of the law in our work processes, with a view to providing our clients with satisfactory legal services


Our commitment to ethical standards, honesty, and moral values is non-negotiable and in fact defines who we are as a firm. We are also sincere with our clients and inclined to provide an objective assessment of our views on issues pertaining to their interests.