Dispute Resolution

Dispute Resolution

Dispute is inevitable and this is no less true for commercial transactions. Accordingly, our dispute resolution practice oversees all contentious issues involving our clients for a quick resolution. We are also willing to explore all possible means including amicable settlement of disputes that will best serve the interest of our client.

In approaching disputes, we are primarily minded on preserving our clients’ business relationships and interests. We also evaluate the best course to adopt in achieving this purpose be it a conciliatory or adversarial approach as the situation demands.

Commercial Litigation

Our team is versatile in drafting court processes as well as advising both domestic and international clients on all the stages of a dispute. Our understanding of commercial and business underpinnings also gives us an edge in pursuing and asserting the interests of our clients.

Commercial Arbitration

Given the fact that most commercial dealings designate commercial arbitration as their preferred dispute resolution mechanism, we have lawyers highly skilled in the arbitration process and they bring their expertise to bear from drafting of arbitration clauses in contracts, through to the final hearing of disputes and enforcement of awards. Our team are highly versed in both domestic and international arbitration proceedings and are up to date on rules and conventions applicable thereto.